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Frank Bardonaro

Frank Bardonaro

CEO, ArborWorks

Frank has over 40 years of experience in the industrial services, construction, and specialty-equipment industry. After years of working in the field and a degree in Business, he has held leadership positions in some of the largest specialty rental and equipment manufacturing companies in the world.

Frank has worked with FEMA, URBAN SEARCH & RESCUE, and OSHA during emergency recovery operations, including tornadoes, and on-site at the World Trade Center.  His experience in working with labor unions, training facilities, and global safety initiatives combined with the experienced team of industry experts at ArborWorks is a perfect combination.

Karla Wahlgren

Karla Wahlgren

Vice President of Corporate Operations, ArborWorks

Karla is a 19-year veteran of the construction rental industry and has held various senior positions in operations, sales, compliance, and real estate. Driven by a passion for delivering excellent customer service, Karla strongly believes that efficiency drives customer satisfaction. Karla holds dual degrees in Business Management and Business Marketing from Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC.

At ArborWorks, Karla is responsible for operational excellence and ensuring the development and efficient and cost-effective systems to meet the current and future needs of the company.


About KloudGin

KloudGin is a trusted provider of the only combined, cloud-based field and asset management solution that connects customers, employees, and assets using AI-powered access to information, on any device. Built for the workers who use it most, KloudGin eliminates traditional information and process silos to enable clients to unify siloed systems, resources, and processes so they can transform the customer experience and improve worker productivity to effectively meet the challenges of today—and the demands of tomorrow.